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Tori Baird

A dedicated mom, a full-time entrepreneur, owner of Paddle Like A Girl and an avid lover of the great outdoors. As a woman juggling the demands of work and motherhood, I've made it my mission to defy the limits and show others that getting outside with your kids is not only possible but incredibly rewarding.

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My Story

I started my Instagram page years ago to share the trips I'd been going on because they were incredibly beautiful and character-building for me. Being a woman of colour, it was hard not to notice that there weren’t many people that looked like me doing the things I was doing, so I hoped by sharing my adventures it would help inspire more women and people of colour to get out onto the water. After my first child was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder (FOXG1), I realized how important these trips had been (and will continue to be) in building my mental resilience. I was so passionate about it that I felt I needed to share it with other women, hence why I started my business, Paddle Like a Girl.

Now, with our two boys in tow, we continue to embark on adventures to enjoy the numerous benefits that being in nature offers our whole family. From building confidence, independence, and problem-solving skills to getting exercise, fresh air, and quality family time, there are endless reasons why spending time outside is an important part of our lives.

Through my content, I want to help normalize the visibility of BIPOC women in the outdoors, promote women's empowerment on the water, and inspire other parents to get outside with their kids, including parents of children with disabilities.

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