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As women, we're often overlooking our own needs and taking care of others.  It's important to take the time to check in with ourselves to see how we're doing mentally, physically, and emotionally.  And though a spa day is always welcome, why not treat yourselves to the healing powers of nature. 


This weekend is geared towards anyone who identifies as a woman.  The goal is to have everyone leave here feeling comfortable enough to plan their own trip, confident enough to paddle their own canoe, strong enough to lift it over their head, and empowered to set off into the backcountry. 


I have created a fun and safe environment for you to learn and practice the skills required to plan your backcountry canoe trip; from map reading and gear selection to shouldering and carrying your canoe, you'll be able to head out into the backcountry with confidence... And maybe with a few new friends!

So if you're a women who wants to go deeper into the backcountry but just don't know where to start, or you'd like to plan and execute your own trip, or you don't feel confident in a canoe or just simply want to brush up on some skills, then this workshop is for you!


We will be camping outside overnight, so please be aware of the weather forecast and bring appropriate clothing and bedding.  There is an outhouse on the property for you to use and I will have water and toiletries available.  But remember, this is to prepare you for a backcountry trip so we will be roughin' it just a little bit.

I've listed below what gear you need to bring with you, as well as some suggestions for clothing in anticipation of less than ideal weather.  Please bring an extra change of clothes in case you go for an 'involuntary' swim.  I've also listed some optional items you can bring in an attempt to maximize your enjoyment.


- Tent (unless we are providing one for you)
- Sleeping Bag or Blankets
- Pillow
- Ground Pad or Air Mattress
- Clothes
- Water Bottle
- Bug Spray
- Bug Jacket
- Head Lamp/Flashlight


- Polyester T-Shirt
- Poly/Merino Wool Long Johns
- Shorts and/or Quick Dry Pants
- 2 Warm Sweaters
- Warm Pants
- Rain Jacket & Pants
- Hiking Boots
- Wool Socks
- Water Shoes/Sandals/Crocs


- Yoga Mat
- Bathing Suit
- Beverages (no glass please!)
- Camera
- Water Shoes
- Sunscreen
- Any other gear you own that you want to bring and use!



  • Planning Your Trip

  • Map Reading

  • Meal Planning & Drinking Water

  • Waterproofing Gear

  • Shouldering & Carrying a Canoe

  • Solo & Tandem Paddling - Flatwater

  • Lighting a Fire

  • Cooking Over the Fire

  • Bear Safety

  • Leave No Trace

  • Car Topping


Located just 2.5 hours north of Toronto, this property is situated right between two rapids on the Magnetawan River. The 1.5 acre property will provide you with beautiful views, soothing sounds and the perfect learning environment.  Depending on water levels, the river can provide an ideal swimming hole, with the option to swim up to, and sit in the gentle rapids, creating a natural jacuzzi.  The rocky shoreline provides a perfect staircase into the water, as well as an optimal seating area to lounge beside the river.

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